Spring is in the air and a perfect time for a new fragrance!

Spring is in the air and a perfect time for a new fragrance!

Spring is the perfect time for a new perfume. As winter gives way to spring, we tend to be eager for something new, and people often use the changing of seasons as a prompt to change up their personal aesthetics. Even if you’re not inclined to wear perfume year-round, spring is the perfect time to give it a try! Wearing perfume has all kinds of benefits that go beyond just smelling good—it can even make you feel more confident and improve your mood. Smelling nice can also be surprisingly beneficial for the environment since it may reduce your need for harsh cleaning chemicals or air fresheners that can contain toxic ingredients.

A fantastic way to do this is by learning about the different types of scents notes that exist. After all, if you know a little bit about fragrances, you can easily learn what family a new perfume belongs to and what kind of fragrance it is without having to smell it first. Below are a few great notes that evoke the fragrance of freshness, trees and spring. 


A light, sparkling fragrance that evokes freshness and youth, citrus scents are ideal for morning wear as they are refreshing and energizing. For a twist on the classic summery lemon or lime notes, try a perfume with grapefruit accents.


The most popular scent category in the world of perfume is floral. Fruity florals offer a brighter alternative to traditional floral perfumes that tend to be more sultry and romantic. With its sweet notes of apple blossom and pear, Chanel’s Allure blends the best of both worlds. For an evening out with friends or an intimate dinner for two, close your eyes, hold it up to your nose and allow yourself to fall into the gossamer-light fantasy world created by this ethereal fragrance from Chanel’s Les Exclusifs collection.


One popular scent family is woodsy scents. These are fragrances  that contain notes of wood, including cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli. These tend to lend a slightly smoky or spicy note to the fragrance and have been really popular in the last year or so. They may not be as flashy as fruity or floral scents, but your friends will definitely notice them when they do! 

So when it comes to spring, this is a perfect time to treat yourself, be adventurous, be bold, and try something new; nothing beats a new fragrance, so try one of our Palm Spring Plush luxury brand fragrances in our shop today. Why not? You deserve it!


Brian Prokopowich

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